New Diggs at WordPress

I’ve been thinking about moving my blog for some time now to WordPress for no other reason then the fact that my work won’t upgrade our browsers and I can’t view or post to Blogger while I’m at work.  I know it’s silly but that’s where I’m at with the whole thing.

Home has been so busy that getting a chance to put together a post has been a chore in itself…not to mention Pinterest has been such a time suck for me that I can’t seem to look at any other sites while I’m on-line.

But in other news…knitting news…the truely important stuff…I found my next project.

I know, I know…the 4 WIP rule.  It’s still in effect and I currently have WIPs.  I’m planning on finishing Sockstravaganza before I start this project, even though I (cough) already bought (cough) the yarn to make this top.

This is the Seaglass Shell from the Summer 2012 Interweave Knits.  It’s knit in Manos de Uruguay Serena.  I purchased the same yarn at Faliti’s Yarns in Rocklin last week but I choose a green color.  Everything I wear is blue so I figured I’d switch it up and add some green. 

Let me tell you this yarn is so soft.  I haven’t cast on yet for this project so I don’t know how it knits up but it’s Alpaca and Pima Cotton so it’s amazing.  I will say that my husband was less than impressed with the cost, it’s not cheap at $17.50 per skein.  Thankfully, it only takes 4 skeins to make the 38 1/2 that I need.  I will have to be careful with this during the blocking process as alpaca likes to grow when wet.

I plan to wear this to work with a camisole underneath.  I can’t go without a bra especially at work.  No way.  I was concerned about this top with the alpaca because alpaca tends to be very warm but I figure that since my office can double as a meat locker most days and this top is sleeveless, I should be able to wear it and be pretty comfortable. 

Hopefully I can get this done before summer is over.


One thought on “New Diggs at WordPress

  1. I’m about to cast on this project as well! I’m in love with the lace back. Also glad to hear that someone else had concerns about the Alpaca content. I too hope to wear it at work where my office is FREEZING! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

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