Lustro…Progress has been made.

Lustro Cardigan has made progress.  I’ve finished the right side front band and collar, and am working on the left side front band and collar.  It’s slow going because it’s a 9 stitch stockinette strip and it’s boring. 


Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic but I don’t have my camera with me today.  Lustro is all seamed up except for the right front band and collar and of course the left front band and collar because that one’s not done yet.

This part has been really boring for me and I’m having to force myself to work on it a little every day.  It’s not hard at all, it’s just not interesting and I keep wanting to wander off and either start a new project or just watch TV.  But I am teaching one of my coworkers to knit and we sit together for 15 minutes every afternoon on our break and I work on it then.  I’m so close to finishing that I can’t let myself get distracted from it.

I’m really hoping to finish this up this weekend so that I can move on to another project.  I haven’t worked at all on Seaglass Shell since I put it down in March and I still have Larch on my needles too.  Larch is also really close to being done but I chose to do it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, sport weight, and it takes a while to see any kind of progress with it so I don’t really want to work on it.  I’m at least 90% done with it and I would love to wear it this fall since it’s a beautiful candied yam color (perfect for fall).  I just need to suck it up and work on it.  I also need to finish Seaglass Shell since it has a lace back and will perfect to wear during the summer months.


Frogged Gnarled Oak Cardigan…

Back in January and February, I knit Gnarled Oak Cardigan from Hannah Fettig & Alana Dakos book, Coastal Knits.  Finished the sweater and it looked great…until I tried it on.  It was huge.  I don’t know what happened…well my gauge was off but I thought it would still be close.

So I put it into my sweater drawer and just left it.  I tried it on again on Sunday to make sure that it was too big…and as you can see above it was too big.  I really like this cardigan and have been thinking about frogging the existing one and reclaiming the yarn.  The only reason I hadn’t, was that I’ve never reclaimed yarn before and I was worried about ruining it.  I guess it doesn’t really matter if you ruin yarn reclaiming it since you’re not doing anything with it sitting in a drawer anyway.

So Sunday afternoon, I took the plunge.  I clipped off the buttons and wound the yarn directly from the sweater into center pull balls.  Then Hubbs helped me wind it back into skeins.  Then I soaked the yarn, rolled it in towels and hung it to dry in my laundry room.

I’m using the towels to weight down the skeins so, hopefully, they will unkink.  I’m looking forward to knitting the Gnarled Oak Cardigan again.  It was a simple, enjoyable knit the first time.  And I really loved the sweater, it just didn’t fit.  No fault on the part of the pattern, I just screwed up.

My gauge was 5.25 Stitches per inch and it should have been 6 stitches per inch.  Not sure why I didn’t get gauge/never bothered to get it.  But obviously, I never got it.  This time around, I plan to do a better job payin attention to the details.  In the mean time, I hope to finish one of my WIPs before I start on re-knitting Gnarled Oak Cardigan.


This is hands down my favorite knit right now…I love all my stuff but Lattice is beautiful and it was such a fun, easy knit.

Pattern:  Lattice by Rose Beck

Yarn: Prism Symphony 3.5 in Denali (2.25 skeins)

Needle:  US 8s

Mods:  None.  Worked this as written and it turned out beautifully.  Cant wait to wear this to work to show it off.


Let’s talk about the yarn for a second.  I’ve never used Prism before and only bought it because 1.  It was on sale at Jimmy Beans and 2. because of the color.  When you buy yarn on-line you never really know what you’re getting.  The color could be different then what your screen shows and you can’t tell by looking at it how the yarn is going to be.  Will it be soft?  Will it have good stitch definition?  Is it scratchy?  

This yarn was soft, had beautiful stitch definition and was just perfect for this project.  It’s lovely.  The color is soft with browns and blues.  I’m just in love with this entire project.  I would definitely purchase this yarn again and I will be searching Rose Beck’s patterns for another project.  Her pattern was clear and beautifully written.

Nature Notes…

I was watering in my garden the other day and when I reached into my herb bed to pull up some weeds, this guy jumped onto my arm.

We seem to be having a bit of a hopper invasion around here.  Last weekend, Hubbs and I went out to so some shooting and on the way back I commented to him that I seemed to be hitting a lot of grasshoppers with the car.  Then a couple of days later, I was backed into a parking spot at work and when I went to leave to come home, I noticed that the front of my car was just crusted with grasshoppers.  To say the least I really need to get my car washed.

After last weekends high temperature of 108, our highs this weekend have been in the 70’s.  It’s been so nice.  I’ve had the doors and windows open all day and all night to really enjoy the beautiful weather.  Of course, our air conditioner died last week so the weather has been a blessing in that we haven’t needed the air.  Hopefully we can get it fixed in the next couple of days before the weather warms back up to regular June temperatures where we have highs in the 100’s.

As a side note, since it will have its own post, I finished Lattice last night.  It’s blocking right now and I’m hoping that it will be dry in time for me to get out and photograph it today while the weather is so nice.  It’s been windy the last few days but today looks more like a light breeze compared to what we’ve been having…perfect shawl weather!  Or at least perfect weather to photograph a shawl.  But more on that later after I get pictures taken.

Rip Van Winkle…

Not the book, your project.  I recently found a really great podcast called Knitting Pipeline on iTunes.  How I missed this great podcast I’ll never now.  I love listening to Paula talk about knitting as well as her piping and nature notes.  Her voice is really soothing, which is great since I’m making my 50 mile commute to and from work twice a day right now for Miss Dixie.  It’s nice to relax and forget about work for a while.

I’m listening from the beginning and am only up to episode 23 (Paula is currently on episode 93) so I have a way to go before I get caught up.  It’s actually really great having the backlog of podcasts because each episode is about 30 minutes which means I can listen to 3, some times 4, episodes a day.  I’d rather be knitting on my lunch break then driving home but since I can’t do that, listening is the next best thing.

In the last couple of episodes that I’ve listened to Paula has been talking about Rip Van Winkle projects.  A Rip Van Winkle project is something that has been languishing in your Queue for a long time or a project that you’ve had on the needles for a long time, that you’re committed to either doing or finishing.   I love this idea.  So I thought I’d share two of my Rip Van Winkles, one is from my Queue and the other is currently on my needles and has been for some time.

From my Queue:

Photo by Eunny Jang

Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang.  I put these in my Queue on December 26, 2007.  They have been there, languishing, for almost 5 years.  There is 4001 projects listed for this pattern.  My notes in the queue say, “Not ready for colorwork, but someday…”  Maybe that day is coming soon.  I’ve done some colorwork, nothing fancy but maybe the time is rapidly approaching for me to try this project.  They still hold my fancy after all this time.

From my projects:

Photo from Interweave Knits

Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky from KnitScene Fall 2006.  I started this project September 19, 2009 and haven’t worked on it since February 15, 2010.  Ouch.  It needs sleeves to be done.  It’s already seamed together…I think.  I really haven’t looked at this project in years.  It’s stashed in my closet.  This was my first project that didn’t come out exactly as planned and I think that disappointment is what caused me to just put it away and never come back to it.  It would be nice to either finish it and wear it or finish it and give it away.  Either way, it needs to be finished. 

So those are my two Rip Van Winkle projects.  What are yours?

Startitis or The One in Which I Start Another Project…

Without finishing anything I’ve already started.  I can’t help it, startitis has got me in a strangle hold.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the finality of the situation with Miss Dixie or what, but I can’t seem to finish anything.  I’m on the final lap of my Lustro Cardigan, working on the last bit of the collar after seaming it all together but I put it aside to start a new project.  I blame Jimmy Beans Wool and their oh so tempting Wool Watchers.

Last week, I did what I always do…check Wool Watchers to see if they have any good deals.  They always have good deals but not often is it something that I’d want to order.  But this time they had Prism Yarns Symphony 3.5 on sale for $18 a skein (normally $30).  I’ve had my eye on Lattice by Rose Beck and this yarn was so beautiful in Denali that I knew it would be perfect for this shawl.

I took a couple of days off work, Friday and Monday and had a stay-cation with Hubbs at home.  Not that we did that much staying.  We were crazy busy.  I think we did more stuff then we would have if we’d been able to travel.  Monday, we spent the morning at the shooting range so that Hubbs could sight in a rifle.  While I enjoy shooting, rifles aren’t really my thing.  I went with him since it was such a beautiful morning and the range is outside.  With two types of ear protection and a nice spot in the sun, I cast on for Lattice.  I had a bit of trouble getting it going (my fault, not the pattern) but once I got it, it moved quickly.

 As of yesterday, I have about 6 repeats of the body chart and I’ve removed the stitch markers.  I don’t think I need them except for one at each edge and a couple in the middle to keep track of the increases for each repeat of the pattern.  The pattern is really easy to memorize and made for perfect knitting while I watched the 2 hour season premier of Falling Skies (it’s true, I’m a sci-fi nerd).  The fabric is heavy and will be really warm for wearing this fall.  I’m loving this pattern.

Pattern:  Lattice

Yarn:  Prism Yarns Symphony 3.5 in Denali colorway

Needles: 8US – 32″ cable needle

Not so much…

I didn’t prepare a post for the 30 day Photography Challenge for today.  Sadly, we found out that our beloved Queensland has liver cancer.  The vet has told us that the cancer is very sever and that we have maybe a month left with her, 2 months if we’re lucky.  It’s been a very sad day for us here at the Dropped Stitch household.

So instead of posting the Day 7 picture for the challange (Fruit, in case you wondered), I wanted to post one of my favorite pictures that I took recently of Miss Dixie.

It’s been a rough couple of days here but we’re going to do our best to spend as much time with her as we can.  Kindness to both dogs and to each other is on the top of our priority list, as it should always be.

We feel so blessed to have had this dog in our lives for the last 10 years.  I’ve never met a more loving and caring dog then Dixie.  We’ll do what we can for over then few weeks and hope to send her on in a loving way with as little suffering as possible.  I don’t know what I’ll do without my little blue shadow.