Startitis or The One in Which I Start Another Project…

Without finishing anything I’ve already started.  I can’t help it, startitis has got me in a strangle hold.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the finality of the situation with Miss Dixie or what, but I can’t seem to finish anything.  I’m on the final lap of my Lustro Cardigan, working on the last bit of the collar after seaming it all together but I put it aside to start a new project.  I blame Jimmy Beans Wool and their oh so tempting Wool Watchers.

Last week, I did what I always do…check Wool Watchers to see if they have any good deals.  They always have good deals but not often is it something that I’d want to order.  But this time they had Prism Yarns Symphony 3.5 on sale for $18 a skein (normally $30).  I’ve had my eye on Lattice by Rose Beck and this yarn was so beautiful in Denali that I knew it would be perfect for this shawl.

I took a couple of days off work, Friday and Monday and had a stay-cation with Hubbs at home.  Not that we did that much staying.  We were crazy busy.  I think we did more stuff then we would have if we’d been able to travel.  Monday, we spent the morning at the shooting range so that Hubbs could sight in a rifle.  While I enjoy shooting, rifles aren’t really my thing.  I went with him since it was such a beautiful morning and the range is outside.  With two types of ear protection and a nice spot in the sun, I cast on for Lattice.  I had a bit of trouble getting it going (my fault, not the pattern) but once I got it, it moved quickly.

 As of yesterday, I have about 6 repeats of the body chart and I’ve removed the stitch markers.  I don’t think I need them except for one at each edge and a couple in the middle to keep track of the increases for each repeat of the pattern.  The pattern is really easy to memorize and made for perfect knitting while I watched the 2 hour season premier of Falling Skies (it’s true, I’m a sci-fi nerd).  The fabric is heavy and will be really warm for wearing this fall.  I’m loving this pattern.

Pattern:  Lattice

Yarn:  Prism Yarns Symphony 3.5 in Denali colorway

Needles: 8US – 32″ cable needle


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