Rip Van Winkle…

Not the book, your project.  I recently found a really great podcast called Knitting Pipeline on iTunes.  How I missed this great podcast I’ll never now.  I love listening to Paula talk about knitting as well as her piping and nature notes.  Her voice is really soothing, which is great since I’m making my 50 mile commute to and from work twice a day right now for Miss Dixie.  It’s nice to relax and forget about work for a while.

I’m listening from the beginning and am only up to episode 23 (Paula is currently on episode 93) so I have a way to go before I get caught up.  It’s actually really great having the backlog of podcasts because each episode is about 30 minutes which means I can listen to 3, some times 4, episodes a day.  I’d rather be knitting on my lunch break then driving home but since I can’t do that, listening is the next best thing.

In the last couple of episodes that I’ve listened to Paula has been talking about Rip Van Winkle projects.  A Rip Van Winkle project is something that has been languishing in your Queue for a long time or a project that you’ve had on the needles for a long time, that you’re committed to either doing or finishing.   I love this idea.  So I thought I’d share two of my Rip Van Winkles, one is from my Queue and the other is currently on my needles and has been for some time.

From my Queue:

Photo by Eunny Jang

Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang.  I put these in my Queue on December 26, 2007.  They have been there, languishing, for almost 5 years.  There is 4001 projects listed for this pattern.  My notes in the queue say, “Not ready for colorwork, but someday…”  Maybe that day is coming soon.  I’ve done some colorwork, nothing fancy but maybe the time is rapidly approaching for me to try this project.  They still hold my fancy after all this time.

From my projects:

Photo from Interweave Knits

Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky from KnitScene Fall 2006.  I started this project September 19, 2009 and haven’t worked on it since February 15, 2010.  Ouch.  It needs sleeves to be done.  It’s already seamed together…I think.  I really haven’t looked at this project in years.  It’s stashed in my closet.  This was my first project that didn’t come out exactly as planned and I think that disappointment is what caused me to just put it away and never come back to it.  It would be nice to either finish it and wear it or finish it and give it away.  Either way, it needs to be finished. 

So those are my two Rip Van Winkle projects.  What are yours?


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