Nature Notes…

I was watering in my garden the other day and when I reached into my herb bed to pull up some weeds, this guy jumped onto my arm.

We seem to be having a bit of a hopper invasion around here.  Last weekend, Hubbs and I went out to so some shooting and on the way back I commented to him that I seemed to be hitting a lot of grasshoppers with the car.  Then a couple of days later, I was backed into a parking spot at work and when I went to leave to come home, I noticed that the front of my car was just crusted with grasshoppers.  To say the least I really need to get my car washed.

After last weekends high temperature of 108, our highs this weekend have been in the 70’s.  It’s been so nice.  I’ve had the doors and windows open all day and all night to really enjoy the beautiful weather.  Of course, our air conditioner died last week so the weather has been a blessing in that we haven’t needed the air.  Hopefully we can get it fixed in the next couple of days before the weather warms back up to regular June temperatures where we have highs in the 100’s.

As a side note, since it will have its own post, I finished Lattice last night.  It’s blocking right now and I’m hoping that it will be dry in time for me to get out and photograph it today while the weather is so nice.  It’s been windy the last few days but today looks more like a light breeze compared to what we’ve been having…perfect shawl weather!  Or at least perfect weather to photograph a shawl.  But more on that later after I get pictures taken.


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