This is hands down my favorite knit right now…I love all my stuff but Lattice is beautiful and it was such a fun, easy knit.

Pattern:  Lattice by Rose Beck

Yarn: Prism Symphony 3.5 in Denali (2.25 skeins)

Needle:  US 8s

Mods:  None.  Worked this as written and it turned out beautifully.  Cant wait to wear this to work to show it off.


Let’s talk about the yarn for a second.  I’ve never used Prism before and only bought it because 1.  It was on sale at Jimmy Beans and 2. because of the color.  When you buy yarn on-line you never really know what you’re getting.  The color could be different then what your screen shows and you can’t tell by looking at it how the yarn is going to be.  Will it be soft?  Will it have good stitch definition?  Is it scratchy?  

This yarn was soft, had beautiful stitch definition and was just perfect for this project.  It’s lovely.  The color is soft with browns and blues.  I’m just in love with this entire project.  I would definitely purchase this yarn again and I will be searching Rose Beck’s patterns for another project.  Her pattern was clear and beautifully written.


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