Lustro…Progress has been made.

Lustro Cardigan has made progress.  I’ve finished the right side front band and collar, and am working on the left side front band and collar.  It’s slow going because it’s a 9 stitch stockinette strip and it’s boring. 


Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic but I don’t have my camera with me today.  Lustro is all seamed up except for the right front band and collar and of course the left front band and collar because that one’s not done yet.

This part has been really boring for me and I’m having to force myself to work on it a little every day.  It’s not hard at all, it’s just not interesting and I keep wanting to wander off and either start a new project or just watch TV.  But I am teaching one of my coworkers to knit and we sit together for 15 minutes every afternoon on our break and I work on it then.  I’m so close to finishing that I can’t let myself get distracted from it.

I’m really hoping to finish this up this weekend so that I can move on to another project.  I haven’t worked at all on Seaglass Shell since I put it down in March and I still have Larch on my needles too.  Larch is also really close to being done but I chose to do it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, sport weight, and it takes a while to see any kind of progress with it so I don’t really want to work on it.  I’m at least 90% done with it and I would love to wear it this fall since it’s a beautiful candied yam color (perfect for fall).  I just need to suck it up and work on it.  I also need to finish Seaglass Shell since it has a lace back and will perfect to wear during the summer months.


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