I haven’t known what to say…

so I said nothing.  But I think about what to say and haven’t come up with anyway to express the sadness and deep sense of loss that we have been feeling at the Dropped Stitch household.

I’m sad to say that we lost our Miss Dixie almost two weeks ago after her assesment visit to the vet.  It’s been very difficult to bear and I haven’t wanted to say anything here becuase that would make it all so real that she wouldn’t be coming home to us.  She is missed deeply every day but little by little I know that life will return to as normal as it can get for us.  She was a daughter to me, a friend, my little blue shadow.  I will miss her forever.

Always the center of our family.


New Furniture…

I’ve been on the look out for a dresser to refinish to replace this ugly trunk in my entry way.  I liked the trunk because I was able to store things inside but I needed more storage for linens.  I inherited a bunch of vintage linens a while back and haven’t had anywhere to store them.  I searched high and low for a dresser to refinish but was never able to find what I was looking for.  I decided to go to Ikea and purchase the dresser that goes with  my sofa table.


Of course my resident beauty queen, Miss Dixie had to get in the picture.  She’s doing ok right now, lost a lot of weight but holding her own.  We have a vet appointment for her tonight to have an assessment done just to see how she’s doing.  About a week ago she stopped eating but the vet got her on Prednizone 2 times a day and it seems to be helping.  She’s still not eating as much as we’d like but some is better than none.  So tonight the vet should give us an idea of how she’s doing.  We know that there is no cure for her, but we just want to make sure that she isn’t suffering.  Mostly she just rests but she still gets up to go out and shows enthusiasm when we come home.  Fingers crossed for a good assessment.

While I was at Ikea I finally purchased a couple of lamps for the sofa table.  I’ve looked for table lamps at several different places but never found anything that I thought that Hubbs would like also.

I finally found these hammered metal lamps that I liked.  I really liked some glass ones but I knew that Hubbs would think they were too girly and wouldn’t like them.  I brought these home and he LOVED them.  Hubbs does fabrication on the side for custom-built rock crawlers so I knew he would be into metal lamps.  They’re just his style and I love them too.  I think my entry way is finally done except for a few minor pieces.  I need some accessories for the top of the dresser…and I think that’s a good excuse to go to the antique mall!