Wednesday WIP…

No. I haven’t actually finished anything.  Yes.  I cast on for something new.  Yes, I see a pattern too.

I purchased a bunch of yarn from Webs last month but hadn’t done anything with it other than open box.  I’d been in the mood for a light weight (fingering) sweater and finally found a pattern I liked.

Picture by Joji Locatelli

It’s a wrap sweater with no buttons, just a belt for closure.  And it’s a bit longer, about hip length.

 Picture by Joji Locatelli

Lace in the front with stockinette in the back.  The lace continues around the back of the neck and ends in a shawl type collar.

 Picture by Joji Locatelli

You can tie it closed or open for a very casual feel.  It’s knit in one piece to the arm holes and then divided.  I’m almost to this point.  You knit to about 22 inches for my size and then split and I’m at about 16 inches currently.  I love that the lace is knit on either side of the stockinette, it keeps it interesting but not too much work and it doesn’t get boring.

I choose Cascade 220 Fingering in Summer Sky.  I’ve been dreaming of a robins egg blue sweater and this was a close as I could find.  But this picture doesn’t show the color true to real life.  In real life it’s less purple and more of a baby blue.  This yarn knits up nicely but is a bit scratchy straight out of the skein.  After blocking (I blocked my swatch) it’s still not super soft but I think that after I wear it a few times it will lovely.

I wear a lot of black to work and I’m looking to liven up my wardrobe a bit with some sweaters.  Even though it’s summer I still wear a lot of sweaters to work.  I swear they keep it cold enough to hang meat in my office…that is when the air is working and it’s not 90 degrees.  I get really cold and when I get cold it makes it really hard for me to concentrate.  Not to mention cold hands are not conducive to working on the computer when you can’t feel your fingers.


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