Afternoon at the River…

Saturday, Hubbs, Rex and I headed over to a nearby River to enjoy the water a bit.  We’ve been having a lot of really hot weather but last Saturday was much cooler than the 100 degrees we’d been having, about 75 degrees.  We’ve talked a few times of heading over to see what the river is like and see if we could get in the water, but for one reason or another we never seem to get there.

It was very dark looking from our house toward the river.  The river access is about half an hour away through the back roads and farm land.  We could see rain falling but it didn’t look like it was hitting the ground.  But it was really dark and we did hear some thunder while we were at the river.

The river and the bluffs were beautiful.  As I was wadding in the river, there was thunder but we never did see any lightning.

The water was amazing clear even in deeper areas.  Most of the time our water isn’t that clear around here, especially in the summer time when most rivers dry up.  This river comes off of Lake Comanche at the dam so the water even in summer continues to flow and is FREEZING!

Rex and I jumped in but Hubbs stayed on dry land.  The water was really cold but it felt good too.

We only spent a couple of hours at the river but I really enjoyed getting outside for a while.  As we were walking back to the car to leave I spotted this heart-shaped rock in the ground.  I love finding hidden hearts when we’re out and about.  It’s like a special message just for me.

We did get rained on the way back.  Nothing too heavy but just enough to give me that special feeling I get whenever there is rain during the summer months.  There is something so special about rain during summer, I can’t capture or describe the feeling I get.  It’s electric.  After we got home and got the dog dried off and me into pants instead of shorts, Hubbs treated me to Five Guys for dinner.  We haven’t been there in a long time and it was a very nice treat to eat there and enjoy each others company.

Saturday was very relaxing and I’m hoping for more days like that coming up.


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