Rex at the Dog Park

Gratutius dog post!


Early Morning Drive

A couple of days ago I woke up to a cloudy morning.  It might not seem remarkable but if you live in the central valley of California, you know that once summer hits, we don’t see clouds much.  And if we do, they are high and thin.  But we had a few days of thunder storms and cooler weather.  I love this weather so much.  It reminds me of the mid-west or summers in Oregon.  I just love it.

I love that you can see the rain still falling off in the distance.  Days like this make me feel so lucky so live here.  It’s beautiful.

Finished Object…

Finally!  I’m so excited to actually finish something and to have it come out so nicely.


Hubbs, Rex and I went out to Ranch Seco Recreational Area this morning to get pictures of Aidez.  It was a beautiful morning, low 70’s, light breeze.  Just lovely.

Pattern:  Aidez by Cirilia Rose

Yarn: Cascade Yarns, Lana Grande

Needle: 10 1/2 US

Mods:  None, knit as written.  If I were to knit this again I would knit this in the round and I would use a less bulky yarn.  This turned out more like a jacket.  It’s super warm but the fabric is very stiff and it doesn’t really drape well.  But other wise, it’s great.

Cast On Another

Aidez is done and of course that means I need to cast on for something else.  You got that right?  NEED, neeeeeeeeeed to cast on for something else.  But don’t worry, as soon as I can get out during daylight, I will get pictures of Aidez.  It turned out so great!  Now if only the weather would turn fall like so I can wear it.  But that for another day.

During one of my several trips to Filati’s before it closed last month, (Hubbs, ever the enabler) I picked up a 10 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in this lovely blue heathered color. 

I didn’t really have a plan for this when I bought it.  My main thought was, “Woooo, 40% off!!!!  Oh yeah!”  But I figured that I would find something to knit with this beautiful, soft, squishy, yummy yarn.

Yesterday I was home unexpectedly, all day and I’d finished seaming up Aidez the night before.  So instead of working on one of my many, many other WIPs, I figured the smart thing to do is look for something else to start.  And you know how that goes.  One minute you’re just browsing Ravelry and the next your swatching.  Screw finishing something that you’ve already started or blocking something that just needs to be blocked to be finished and worn, oh no.  Cast on for something new, makes total sense.

I must admit that I have had my eye on this cardigan for some time but due to various factors haven’t really thought about knitting it.

For one reason, I thought it looked complicated (it’s totally not).  And for another I have so many projects going that I really didn’t need another.  But after seeing so many other beautiful Rocky Coast Cardigans in Ultra Alpaca, I figured that I would give it a go.

All Dog on Vacation Pics

I love my dog.  He’s my whole world…ya know excluding Hubbs and Sphinx Kitty.  So I figured that he needed a whole post dedicated to him on vacation..and in “his” words.

We stopped for lunch and Pop Pop took me for a walk but I wasn’t feeling like I looked my best so I hid my face when my mom took our picture.  It’s hard to look your best when you’re riding for several hours in the back seat of a bouncy truck.

Then we got to the campground and I had to wait around for a long time while Pop Pop got the camper set up but then I took them for a walk down to the river.

Then it got dark, so I got a campfire going and I put on my favorite sweater with the reindeer’s on it.

The next day we checked out this cool meadow.  My mom went too far away but I kept my eye on her.

Then we went to see a light house but we couldn’t see it so we went to these arch things instead.  I got stickers in my feet but my Pop Pop picked them out so it was cool.

The next day we slept for a long time but then I took the humans to the beach.  Pop Pop tried to bury me in the sand but I showed him and jumped up instead.

  I love the beach, I could have stayed there all day.

But after taking Pop Pop climbing on some rocks, it was time to go home.

I had a great trip and can’t wait to go again!

Vacation Pics!

But just a few…I took over 300 in four days but I promise not to post that many here.

Our first day was mostly driving from our home in the Sacramento area to Gualala, California.  It took us about 5 hours with various stops for lunch, gas and sight-seeing.  It was over cast until late afternoon.

We stayed at Gualala Redwood’s River campground in Gualala.  It’s about a mile inland from the beach, right on the river.  The campground was the most lovely and well-kept that we’ve ever stayed at.  It was beautiful and peaceful, not to mention cozy.

The second day we drove up to Point Arena to see the light house there but it was socked in with fog and unless you were standing at the base of it, you couldn’t see it at all.  But just of the same road that the light house is on are some bluffs with amazing view of natural arches.  We spent most of the morning just walking around and enjoying the sea.  Then we headed back to Gualala and had a fantastic lunch of tri-tip sandwiches from the Surf Market.  They cook the tri-tip along with ribs and chicken right there on huge grills in the parking lot.  The food was amazing.

We found these great sheep who look like they’ve just been shorn.  Beautiful but they didn’t seem that impressed when I held up my Aidez that I was working on during the trip.

After the sheep we were on our way back for dinner and I spotted these huge bucks on the side of the road.  I immediately went crazy yelling at Hubbs to turn around.  He didn’t see them since they were up the hill on the side of the road and it was very foggy.  I was lucky to spot them at all.  They stayed for a long time and let me take their picture and even hung out after I got out of the truck and crossed the road to get better pictures of them.  Hubbs of course wished that he could hunt them…I was glad that he couldn’t.

Day 4 was mostly driving home but again we did stop for sight-seeing along the way.  It was a beautiful sunny day and just made me really hate the fact that we were going home.  But the trip over all was great.  We escaped from work for a few days and escaped the heat of the Sacramento Valley.  Just thinking about the trip makes me want to go again.

I love traveling in the off-season, after kids have gotten back to school.  It’s less crowded and everything is so much more accessible.  Not to mention that lots of places are cheaper in the off-season.  I’m already angling for a trip to Tahoe in October.  Fall is so beautiful in the Sierras.

If only I could…

finish something!!!  But no, it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me.

Last month, Hubbs and I took a couple of days off and took ourselves off to the coast for a few days (pictures to follow soon!).  I wanted something that would be fairly easy travel knitting.  Something interesting enough to keep me engaged but simple enough that if I put it down mid knit, I could easily pick it up again.  Before Filati’s went out of business I took a couple of trips up there and bought way too much yarn.  But I bought enough of a bulky weight yarn to cast on for Aidez by Cirilia Rose.  I’ve knit this before but it didn’t come out.  The sweater was fine but it was too small to me (I recently gifted this to my older sister).  But I loved this just the same and since I got such an awesome deal on the yarn, I really wanted to cast on again for it.

Picture by Cirilia Rose

I love this chunky cardigan.  No closure on the front but lots of cool cables.  The back is to die for if you like cables.

Picture by Cirilia Rose

See?!  To die for!

My first Aidez was in a blue-green but I chose a very natural color this time around.  I picked up 15 skeins of Cascade Lana Grande in the colorway 6043.  It’s blocking right now and I only used 11 of the 15 skeins.  My gauge was off for what the pattern called for but I did the math so I’m thinking I should be fine on this.  But we’ll see since half the time when I try to figure out the math when I can’t get gauge, my garment doesn’t fit.  Fingers crossed.

This yarn is enormous.  The  ball band says size 17 needle will get you a gauge of 2 stitches per inch.  I used a 10 1/2 US for Aidez so my fabric is very thick and a bit stiff.  But it should be super warm for this winter…or the summer in my office where they like to keep it like a meat locker.  Brrrrrr.  And I hate to be cold.  So as long as it fits, this is going to be a great sweater.