All Dog on Vacation Pics

I love my dog.  He’s my whole world…ya know excluding Hubbs and Sphinx Kitty.  So I figured that he needed a whole post dedicated to him on vacation..and in “his” words.

We stopped for lunch and Pop Pop took me for a walk but I wasn’t feeling like I looked my best so I hid my face when my mom took our picture.  It’s hard to look your best when you’re riding for several hours in the back seat of a bouncy truck.

Then we got to the campground and I had to wait around for a long time while Pop Pop got the camper set up but then I took them for a walk down to the river.

Then it got dark, so I got a campfire going and I put on my favorite sweater with the reindeer’s on it.

The next day we checked out this cool meadow.  My mom went too far away but I kept my eye on her.

Then we went to see a light house but we couldn’t see it so we went to these arch things instead.  I got stickers in my feet but my Pop Pop picked them out so it was cool.

The next day we slept for a long time but then I took the humans to the beach.  Pop Pop tried to bury me in the sand but I showed him and jumped up instead.

  I love the beach, I could have stayed there all day.

But after taking Pop Pop climbing on some rocks, it was time to go home.

I had a great trip and can’t wait to go again!


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