Cast on…

Hubbs is currently out-of-town hunting in Eastern Oregon with my dad.  Boy stuff, ok not for everyone but I can’t stand the thought of killing something so I don’t go.  While he’s been gone I was looking for a project to work on and instead or working on something that I have in progress right now, I of course…cast on for something new.

I was out cast around on Ravelry for project ideas when I came across another knitter’s (Summersette) project for this pattern.  And I feel in love.  Her’s is done in a lovely dove-gray with bright cheerful buttons.   Thankfully I had the past issue in my library. 

I’m not sure who I’m knitting this for, maybe myself or maybe my older sister.  To be honest I didn’t swatch, I cast on with abandon and figured if it’s too small my sister will like this too and if I finish it in time (riiiiiight) I can give it to her for Christmas.


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