I have 9 WIPs…almost all of them are nearly complete and most of them just need minor things.

From oldest to newest:

Lacy Leaf Satchel by Pam Powers.

Started January 26, 2011.  Status:  knitting done, blocking done, panels attached to plastic framing, done.  Feet attached, done.  So what does it need?  Lining.  I just need to line this thing and it’s done.  Oh and I might need a button.  But it’s pretty much done.

Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

Started January 30, 2011.  Status:  Need to finish the collar, seam the underarms and add buttons.

Lustro Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio

Started March 4, 2012.  Status:  Done…but I need to rip back and redo part of the edging.  I didn’t knit it long enough and I thought I could ease it in but it’s too short and pulling up the edging.  It hangs weird.  So more repair then finishing.

Seaglass Shell by Daniela Nii

Started May 12, 2012.  Status:  Front and lower back is done.  The lace panel is started.  I put this aside when Miss Dixie got really sick because I couldn’t concentrate on the lace panel. 

Gnarled Oak Cardigan – Part Duex

Started July 1, 2012.  Status:  Picked this up again on Tuesday evening to  figure out where I was on it.  I just need to change needles to a US 3 to finish the yoke and then do the button band and graft the underarms to finish.  I ordered the needed needle yesterday to finish this.

Bay of Fundy Scarf by Shireen Nadir

Started July 21, 2012.  Status:  Knitting done, just needs to be blocked and worn.

Multi Pattern Mittens by Jared Flood

Started August 19, 2012.  Status:  Picked these up last night to figure out where I am.  Worked on them last night and again this morning.  Thumb gusset is done and just need to work on the rest of the mitten to get it done.

Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

Started September 12, 2012.  Status:  Done and worn a few times.  I need to get pictures of it and mark it as done.

Aryn Tunic Cardigan by Melissa Wherle

Started October 28, 2012.  Status:  Done.  Knitting done, blocking done, & seaming done.  Just needs buttons and I can’t find anything I like.  But I can’t mark it done until I get buttons and photograph it.

So that’s it, all 9 WIPs.  Most are done or mostly done and I still don’t finish them.  It’s a waste if I don’t and since I’m trying to clean up the house and take care of things that seem to be hanging around all 9 projects are on the block to be finished.  But it’s no pressure and no time line.  Just work on them as time allows.  Fingers crossed they’ll all be done soon!