Snow Run…

Wheeling 1 

Hubbs, Maggie and I went up to the Western Sierras, outside of Placerville, Ca to enjoy some fun in the snow and introduce Maggs the cold white stuff.

Wheeling 2

Maggie did well but for her short legs the snow was deep.  As long as the sun was shining she seemed to enjoy it but in the shade I think she about froze to death.

Wheeling 4

The snow wasn’t real deep but there was enough of it to make for a really fun trip.  Thankfully, Hubb’s truck is set up for this type of off-road travel and we never even came close to getting stuck even with the snow was up to my knees.

Wheeling 6

Poor Maggie spent most of the day wrapped in a towel to keep her warm.  I don’t think that snow is her favorite but I think she’d rather go and be wrapped up then have to stay home.

Wheeling 5

It was a beautiful day to be in the woods.  I forgot my snow shoes or I would have done some off-roading myself.


Casting On Again…

I have a ton of Cascade 220 Fingering weight from a frogged project that I started earlier this year and then lost interest in.  I’ve been searching for a project to use it in and hadn’t found anything I really liked or found things that I like but didn’t have the needles for and was too lazy to either go get them or order them and have them delivered to the house…now that’s pretty lazy.

Today I was working on Gnarled Oak Cardigan, weaving in the ends, and I lost interest.  Let’s face it, weaving in ends is pretty boring and best done while watching a really good movie or during your favorite tv shows marathon.  But since there was none of that going on and I didn’t feel like doing chores, I surfed Ravelry instead.

lilofil via ravelry

Picture by Lilofil via Ravelry

In the process of just surfing around I came across Dream Stripes by Cailliau Berangere.  This won’t use up near all of the Cascade 220 Fingering I have but It will give me a nice project to work on and it’s cute!  Really cute with the lace edging.  So cast on I did.

Dream Stripes 3

I’m looking forward to this project.  It’ll be a good size to wear as a scarf with my winter coat and around my office.  My office gets really cold in the winter since I have huge southern facing windows and when the wind blows, I can hear it whistling around the window panes…not properly sealed doesn’t begin to cover it.  Having something warm around my neck helps me stay toasty all day.

Aryn Cardigan…Now with people

Aryn Cardigan 8

I hate taking pictures of myself.  I have a couple of rice bags to prop my camera up on to get the shots but it’s alway in the same spot and it’s 30 minutes of running back and forth with the self timer beeping at me.  But I did manage to get a couple of shots of me actually wearing my Aryn Cardigan.  I have to tell you, I love this sweater.  The length is really flattering and the short sleeves are really great.  No long sleeves getting caught up in projects or getting splashed when I cook.

Aryn Cardigan 9

I love this length.  Long enough that it covers my bum but not so long that it’s weird or unflattering.  This would be really cute with some black leggings and tall boots.  I have a feeling that this sweater will go into my regular rotation of handknits.   I think this is the cutest sweater I’ve made lately and I have to laugh to myself because I was thinking of giving it to my sister but I love it…she can knit her own sweater (no mind that she doesn’t knit).

Aryn Cardigan…

Aryn Cardigan 7

After almost a month of trying to find buttons that I like, I bought some.  Every time I went to get buttons they either didn’t have enough of the ones I liked or everything else was just not right for the sweater.  I didn’t want plain buttons, I wanted something that would be interesting but not take away from the pattern of the sweater.

Aryn Cardigan 6

I love toggle buttons.  I don’t really know what is so appealing about them but with the roundness of the pattern of the sweater, the rectangular shape of the buttons is really nice.

Aryn Cardigan 2

 I used Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Grey Mix.  I wasn’t expecting to like this much because it came from Joann’s but I really enjoyed knitting with it and the stitch defination is very nice.

Aryn Cardigan 3

 The constuction of the sweater was very interesing.  Knit up the body, split and add stiches for the arms.  Seam across the top to close the arms.  Seaming isn’t my speciality but I must be getting better at it.  All the purled rows and all the knit rows matched up and my seams were straight without any puckering.

Aryn Cardigan 4

I love the garter stitch cuffs on the sleeves.  Very cute.  Pattern called for them to be turned and tacked down but I wanted my cuffs to be a longer, so I left them alone.

Aryn Cardigan 5

I love the lace pattern.  It was very easy to memorize and was a fast knit.

Aryn Cardigan 1

And the pockets.  I mean how cute are the pockets on this sweater?!  I really like them.  I considered leaving them off becuase the last sweater I knit with pockets…let’s just say that the pockets didn’t come out very good but I’m really glad I tried again.  These came out perfect.  You can’t even see where I attached the bottom of the pocket to the inside of the sweater.

Pattern:  Aryn Cardigan by Melissa Wehrle
Needle:  US 9
Yarn:  Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Mixed Grey (6 skeins)
Size:  36


  • 1 extra button hole, pattern calls for 6, I have 7 because I wanted to make sure that it would stay closed
  • I didn’t roll and tack the sleeve cuffs
  • I normally will knit size 38 but I like a more fitted sweater, so I knit one size down


Galder 2

and far in advance of Christmas, if you call 10 days far in advance…and I do.

Galder 3

These socks are a right/left sock pair with the cable detail only on the outside of the sock.

Galder 4

The cabling split for the heel flap and then continued down the foot once the heel flap was complete.

Galder 1

Of course Maggie had to get in on the shoot.  Camera hog.  But she’s soooo cute!  Plus she just had a bath and was squeaky clean.

Pattern:  Galder by Mari-Liisa Varila
Needle:  US 1.5 – 2.5mm
Yarn: Madeline Tosh, Tosh Sock in Betty Draper’s Blues (1 skein) purchased from Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, NV

Mods:  Extra repeat of the leg pattern