Rocky Coast Cardigan…

Rocky Coast Cardigan 1Ta-dah!  So proud of myself.  2 items from my WIPs done!  I’m the queen of finishing stuff…sort of.   I love this sweater.  It is lovely, simple and comfy to wear.  But I did choose alpaca and when I blocked it, it stretched.  And it’s a bit too big but I wear it anyway.  I knit this when Rex was so sick and finished it shortly after he passed away.  I feel like a lot of my love for Rex is knit into this sweater and some grief too.  It’s almost like wearing a hug from my boy when I wear it.

Rocky Coast Cardigan 2Top-down & seamless, 2 of my favorite things with knitting.  Seaming is not my favorite thing but it’s a necessary evil since I love fitted garments so much.  Rocky Coast Cardigan is going to be in my regular rotation of favorite sweaters.

Rocky Coast Cardigan 3Pattern:  Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

Yarn:  Berroco Ultra Alpaca (5 skeins)

Needles:  US 10 1/2

Mods:  I made the arm holes deeper.  I had read on a lot of pattern notes that the armholes weren’t deep enough and it resulted in an uncomfortable garment.  I really wanted to avoid this so I just did a couple of extra repeats of the pattern before I split off the arms.  I didn’t make specific notes on how many repeats.


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