Crafty Christmas…

I spent part of my weekend working on my Co-worker Christmas gifts.  We don’t really exchange exactly but we do pass out gifts.  Since I’m not exactly rolling in the dough, I decided to do partly handmade gifts.  I found through Pinterest, a blog with a tutorial on how to make hot/cold bags with rice.  I had a bunch of charm squares from a swap a few years ago that I’ve never done anything with and a ton of rice in my pantry so I figured this would be perfect.  Simple and cheap.

Hot Cold Bags 1

I picked up some cute mugs at the dollar store and some individual packets of hot cocoa mix to round out the gift.

Hot Cold Bags 3

I searched for printable Christmas/Holiday tags to add to my gifts.  I found these adorable Chalk Board style tags on Poppy Talk (Tags are here).  How cute are these and they added the perfect touch. I didn’t have any card stock on hand, so I printed them out on regular paper and then glued them to some watercolor paper I had on hand then cut them apart, hole punched them and tied them to each mug with some ribbon that I in my sewing room.  On the back of each I wrote, “A little something to warm you up all winter long.  Heat your hot/cold bag in the microwave for 30 seconds & enjoy!”

Hot Cold Bags 4

I finished 11 of these in just a few hours from first fabric selection to finished project.  It was a productive afternoon and I’m super proud of myself for finishing this.  None of my regular procrastination this year!


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