Mandarin Oranges…

When I was growing up my Grandmother had a Mandarin orange tree in her front yard.  Right before Christmas each year the tiny, sweet oranges would be ripe and we would each get a handful each time we visited…which was sometimes daily since she only lived a few miles from my mothers house.  Now I live 2 hours away and I get my mandarins from the grocery store in the form of Cuties.

In less then a week my grandmother turns 91.   Whenever there is an occasion that means I give her a gift, she insists upon hand knitted socks.  She loves them so much that when I visit, she pulls up her pant legs to point out that she is wearing my socks.  Since her birthday is coming up I knitted socks.  But instead of picking a pattern, I designed a pair just for her.


I call them Grammies Winter Garden or Mandarin Oranges.


I carried the pattern all the way down to the toes.


This is the heal, I carried the braids down the heel flap.


Of course Maggie had to get in on the pictures since the sock blockers had Daschunds on them.

Pattern:  My own

Yarn: Malabrigo in Terracota (1 skein)

Neeles:  US 2


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