Betty Drapers Blues…

Betty Draper Blues 1

Some people covet jewels, huge houses or fancy cars.  Me, I covet MadelineTosh Tosh Sock in Betty Drapers Blues.  And now I have some!  Too bad that I’m using it to knit Christmas socks from my grandmother.  Boooooo.

Betty Draper Blues 3

I am in love with this colorway.  It’s so lovely and soft.  And of course it’s knitting up beautifully.  This time I’m not designing my own special design for my Gran.  I picked out Galder by Mari-Liisa Varila.  They are cabled only on one side with the rest of the sock being in stockinette.

Betty Draper Blues 2

Now the goal is to finish these before Christmas…in less then two weeks.  Granted I did the last pair in 9 days so I should be able to do it but when I’m really under the gun that’s when things tend to go sideways.  I will be working diligently on them during the day during my breaks at work and at home after my evening chores are done.  And of course on the weekend but I will be traveling on Sunday to have lunch with my Gran for her 91st birthday.  The changes in the world that she has seen…wow.  She went from horse and buggy, to man in space, to hand-held computers.  Amazing.


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