Aryn Cardigan…Now with people

Aryn Cardigan 8

I hate taking pictures of myself.  I have a couple of rice bags to prop my camera up on to get the shots but it’s alway in the same spot and it’s 30 minutes of running back and forth with the self timer beeping at me.  But I did manage to get a couple of shots of me actually wearing my Aryn Cardigan.  I have to tell you, I love this sweater.  The length is really flattering and the short sleeves are really great.  No long sleeves getting caught up in projects or getting splashed when I cook.

Aryn Cardigan 9

I love this length.  Long enough that it covers my bum but not so long that it’s weird or unflattering.  This would be really cute with some black leggings and tall boots.  I have a feeling that this sweater will go into my regular rotation of handknits.   I think this is the cutest sweater I’ve made lately and I have to laugh to myself because I was thinking of giving it to my sister but I love it…she can knit her own sweater (no mind that she doesn’t knit).


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