Casting On Again…

I have a ton of Cascade 220 Fingering weight from a frogged project that I started earlier this year and then lost interest in.  I’ve been searching for a project to use it in and hadn’t found anything I really liked or found things that I like but didn’t have the needles for and was too lazy to either go get them or order them and have them delivered to the house…now that’s pretty lazy.

Today I was working on Gnarled Oak Cardigan, weaving in the ends, and I lost interest.  Let’s face it, weaving in ends is pretty boring and best done while watching a really good movie or during your favorite tv shows marathon.  But since there was none of that going on and I didn’t feel like doing chores, I surfed Ravelry instead.

lilofil via ravelry

Picture by Lilofil via Ravelry

In the process of just surfing around I came across Dream Stripes by Cailliau Berangere.  This won’t use up near all of the Cascade 220 Fingering I have but It will give me a nice project to work on and it’s cute!  Really cute with the lace edging.  So cast on I did.

Dream Stripes 3

I’m looking forward to this project.  It’ll be a good size to wear as a scarf with my winter coat and around my office.  My office gets really cold in the winter since I have huge southern facing windows and when the wind blows, I can hear it whistling around the window panes…not properly sealed doesn’t begin to cover it.  Having something warm around my neck helps me stay toasty all day.


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