Snow Run…

Wheeling 1 

Hubbs, Maggie and I went up to the Western Sierras, outside of Placerville, Ca to enjoy some fun in the snow and introduce Maggs the cold white stuff.

Wheeling 2

Maggie did well but for her short legs the snow was deep.  As long as the sun was shining she seemed to enjoy it but in the shade I think she about froze to death.

Wheeling 4

The snow wasn’t real deep but there was enough of it to make for a really fun trip.  Thankfully, Hubb’s truck is set up for this type of off-road travel and we never even came close to getting stuck even with the snow was up to my knees.

Wheeling 6

Poor Maggie spent most of the day wrapped in a towel to keep her warm.  I don’t think that snow is her favorite but I think she’d rather go and be wrapped up then have to stay home.

Wheeling 5

It was a beautiful day to be in the woods.  I forgot my snow shoes or I would have done some off-roading myself.


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