Always on the Look Out…

Hubbs and I were down in Manteca on Saturday at Bass Pro Shop.  Now granted this isn’t my favorite place to visit but since I drag Hubbs to all kinds of quilting and yarn shops that I know he doesn’t really want to go to, I figured I could suck it up and go to his type of store.  Manteca is about 40 minutes from our house so it’s a trip but not so far that you can’t go on a regular basis if you want to.

Once he was done wandering about their enormous store, he made the mistake of asking me if there was any where I wanted to go.  I jumped on my smart phone and googled yarn shops Manteca.  Manteca didn’t have any but about 20 minutes down the road in Modesto there was a shop.  So off we went to The Urban Sheep.

The shop isn’t huge but they did have a very nice selection of yarns.  And the people, oh the people were very nice and not just the shop staff but the ladies that were there having a “knit night” were lovely too.  It was a very friendly group that made me wish this shop wasn’t an hour away from home.

I did pick up three skeins of sock yarn…I can always hoard, I mean use more sock yarn…

zitron 1

Zitron Unisono in a purple, black and grey

Fire Walker 2

Fiesta Baby Boom in the Fire Walker colorway

Great Horned Owl 2

Fiesta Baby Boom in the Great Horned Owl colorway…this one I’m planning on using for the January KAL on the Sock Knitters Anonymous board on Ravelry.  I’ve chosen Hootenanny by Amy Herzog to meet the flora and fauna part of the challenge.  How perfect is knitting a sock with colorwork owls on it when the main color of the sock is done in Great Horned Owl…and to think I would never have found this awesome colorway if we hadn’t gone to Manteca and then on to Modesto on a spur of the moment kind of thing.


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