Last Finished Object of 2012…Dream Stripes

Dream Stripes 3

Dream Stripes 4

Dream Stripes 2

Dream Stripes 1

Dream Stripes 5

Pattern:  Dream Stripes by Cailliau Berangere
My Ravelry Project Page:  WeezieKnits Dream Stripes
Needles:  US4 Harmony
Yarn:  Cascade 220 Fingering in Colorways 8400 (Grey) & 7815 (Blue)

  • Two stitch garter stitch edging in place of the slip stitches
  • Only did the right side increases
  • Two rows without increases in the lace color before starting the lace pattern

Notes:  This was a fun knit.  Loved the no brainer of the stripes but really loved the lace pattern that followed.  By the time I finished the stripes, I was ready for something that involved a bit more than just stockinette.  Blocked out the points on the lace.  This yarn is a bit scratchy on my neck but it’s very warm.  I wore it yesterday to get my hair done and it was perfect for adding color by my otherwise black and white out fit.  This pattern might have to go on my list for gift knitting.


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