Yarns On First…

I’ve been back and forth between my home in Sacramento and my mom’s home in the Bay Area a lot over the last week.  My older sister has had some medical issues and my mom needed help caring for her and looking after my 91-year-old grandmother.  I was lucky enough to be able to find the time to make a pit stop in Napa and check out Yarns on First.  This is my mom’s LYS, even though it’s about 30 minutes from her home it’s the closest one to her.

Yarns on first is a cute shop with lots of high-end yarns.  The staff was very friendly and they even let me bring Maggie in to the shop as long as I didn’t set her down and she didn’t touch anything.  I purchased  4 skeins of ShiBui Sock yarn while I was there.  And later I went back with my mom and purchased a Lo-Lo Bar by the Bar Maids from them.  The Lo-Lo Bar is awesome and I know I will be purchasing more of them in the future.

I’d heard about Lo-Lo Bars from the Knitmore Girls Podcast but I’d never seen them locally and I hesitate to order something like that on-line due to my large number of allergies.  I choose the Passion Fruit scent and it’s lovely.  It’s not overwhelming in any way and the bar is amazing on my dry hands.  A plus for me is that it’s all natural, no petroleum products which make my skin go crazy.  I love my Lo-Lo Bar.  Defiantly a good purchase.

ShiBui Sock 2

ShiBui Knits Sock in the Midnight Colorway

ShiBui Staccato 3

ShiBui Knits Staccato in the Ash Colorway

The picture of the ShiBui Sock in Midnight is true to what it looks like in real life but the staccato in Ash doesn’t show how beautiful this yarn really is.  The Stratton is 70% Merino and 30% Silk.  It has a really lovely sheen to it.  Both yarns are Fingering Weight.  Now the hard part is deciding what to make with them.


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