2nd Finished Object of 2013

With my sister in the hospital for the last week, I’ve had plenty of time to knit.  Well that and I’ve been sick twice since the new year began.  I think I ran myself ragged trying to help my mom.

Effervesce 2Effervesce 3

Cast On:  01/07/2013
Cast Off:  01/13/2013
Pattern:  Effervesce by Purrlescent
My Project Page:  WeezieKnit’s Grape Soda with Lime
Needles:  2.5mm
Yarn:  Malabrigo Sock in Rayon Vert Colorway

Notes:  Just added a bit of length before I started the toe since my feet are larger then average.  Otherwise it was a nice knit.  Still can’t believe that I knit a pair of socks in less then a week.  But I’ve been out of work for most of that time so I guess it’s not really that hard to believe.

Now I have to figure out what to knit next.  I guess I could work on one of my many WIP’s but I think I’ll cast on another pair of socks in case I need a small portable project (in other words, hospital knitting).  Fingers crossed I won’t need it.


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