Cast On Another for Sock Down January 2013

 Swedish Fish Socks

Photo by SpillyJane via Ravelry

 I haven’t done challenges for a long time in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry.  One year I knit 19 pairs of socks for my sister, my grandmother and myself.  I burned myself out on them to say the least.  But after lots of big projects last year, I want more small projects.  I need things that are portable and easy hospital knitting.  Thankfully my sister is home now but Hubbs grandfather isn’t doing well and we’ve had to make the hour and a half drive to the bay area to visit him in the hospital.  Hubbs family is very loud and boisterous so I don’t really knit but I’d rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

The Sock Down Challenge for January is Flora and Fauna as well as a couple of designers and a mystery sock.  I did Hootenanny already for this challenge but you can have as many projects as you want as long as they are cast on between 01/01 and 01/31.  And you have to bind off your project before the end of February.  It’s fun and a good way to work on new skills.  Or try something you’ve never tried before.  Or work with a designer that you’ve always want to try. And of course mystery socks are always fun.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with colorwork for a while but didn’t want to try to work on my skills while knitting a sweater.  Hootenanny was a good way to break into a bit of colorwork but after finishing those I really wanted to cast on for Swedish Fish Socks by SpillyJane.  My mom asked me to order a couple of books from Knit Picks for her so I ordered myself a couple of skeins of Chroma to cast on for Swedish Fish Socks while I was at it.

Black    Guppy

I ordered Chroma Fingering in Black and Guppy.  I figured Guppy was fitting for Swedish Fish Socks.  The box came on Tuesday afternoon, much sooner than I expected it.  Chroma is a single ply yarn that is a bit thick and thin, a bit like hand spun.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because it’s a bit fuzzy and I generally like yarns with a good twist to them.  But I’m about two repeats in on the leg for sock one and I’m really loving the way that the sock is turning out.

 Swedish Fish Socks 1

I think I’m going to add one more repeat to the pattern to make the leg a bit longer.  But otherwise, the pattern is really fun and I love watching each new round of fish come off the needles.


4 thoughts on “Cast On Another for Sock Down January 2013

  1. I love the colors of Chroma and this is a cool use of those colors!

    (Just make sure the sock doesn’t sneak itself into the wash. Chroma felts really easily… don’t ask me how I know. lol.)

    • Uh oh. Sounds like your project didn’t survive the washing machine in the same shape it went in!

      I can tell the Chroma wants to felt as I’m knitting with it. It’s a loose single ply that’s more like tiny roving then spun yarn. It keeps grabbing the other color as I’m working with it. But I love the long color repeats. Can’t wait to see what color the other sock ends up.

      • Yep. My shrug found its way into the washer and came out half the size and twice the thickness. It fit my daughter afterwards but all the stretch was gone and it wasn’t comfortable for her. So sad…

        The long color repeats are gorgeous! And, Chroma is so much softer than any of the other gradient yarns I’ve found (like Noro). I tried Noro in a sock and it was too scratchy to wear. Your socks are going to be awesome- soft, toasty, and beautiful.

      • Oh no! Poor shawl! I did a similar thing with a pair of knee socks that I knit out of lace weight held double. I wore them and tossed them in the wash without even thinking about the fact that it wasn’t superwash. Sae thing, have as big and twice the thickness. Boooooo.

        I’ve never used Noro becuase it feels scratchy and icky to me but I am always drawn to the colorways they have.

        I think I’m going to have to come up with a box to put my non-superwash socks into so they don’t get tossed in the wash. I recently bought a bunch of ShuBui that’s not superwash as well as a couple of other brands that should be hand washed too.

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