Too Sick to Knit?!?!!!!

I’ve heard my mom say on several on several occasions that she was too sick to knit and have always thought that was just an expression. But it turns out that it’s an actual thing. A couple of weeks ago I came down not just with the flu but with a cold at the same time….something I didnt even know was possible. I was so ill that I was sleeping all day and all night, not eating anything for 5 days and drinking just enough to keep me alive. You’d think that being off work for a full five days and not getting out of jammies for nine days would equate to lots of knitting, but no. I was too sick to knit. I even had two orders of yarn arrive and was even too sick to open the packages. Just too sick to even care.

I’m better now, back to work and every thing. Took me about a week and a half to get my energy back and thankfully only about a week to start getting my knitting mojo back.


But I have been working on a couple of special projects. Currenly I’ve been working to complete my third Brighton Cowl. The first two are blocked but I haven’t finished them despite the fact that all I need to do is sew the ends together to finish. The first one is for me so no rush there. The second one is for my step mom. That one I’d like to finish up and send off to her before spring really comes on and its too warm for her to wear. The third one (pictured above) is for my boss. Before I got sick it was announced that she would be leaving and we would be getting a new manager. Still not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I don’t do well with change so its going to be a crap shoot if it’s good or not. But I started a third cowl as a going away gift for her. We haven’t always seen eye to eye over the last five years but I really like her as a person

We recently hired a new OT on our unit and he’s amazed that I knit my own sweaters. Any time I’m wearing something knitted he wants to know if I made it myself. Which of course the answer 99% of the time is yes, I did. Recently after the big announcement that my boss is going to be leaving, the OT asked my boss if I had knit the sweater she was wearing and she said no but that she would love to have one of my hand knits. Now I like my boss and I think she’s knit worthy, but I don’t think that she’s hand knit sweater worthy. Too much time, money and effort goes into knitting a sweater for me to knit one for someone who is not an immediate family member…on my side. Love Hubbs family, but they don’t get hand knits from me anymore since I found out they dont wear the things I knit for them even when they specifically request them. Sorry.

Anyway, I digress. The Brighton Cowl is such a fun knit and the perfect way to use bright verigated yarn, I thought that boss lady would like to have one. Her favorite animal is ladybugs and butterflies but since we’ve gotten her quite a few of those over the years, why not indulge her request for a hand knit? I ordered a skein of Cephalopod Skinny Bugga in Hawaiian Bobtail Squid. I’ve been working on it ver diligently this weekend. Just a couple more repeats of the pattern and I’ll be ready to block it. My boss wont be leaving for a few more weeks yet but I want it done before she leaves so I’m not rushing around like a crazy person…good luck with that.

I also have a new sweater on the needles at the moment too. My beloved Roholine is wearing out and will nees to be replaced soon. But more on that next time.


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