I Feel So Old…

That I need a cardi fit for Gramps.


Photo by Tottopper

A couple of weeks ago Hubbs and I made a long weekend out of Ceaser Chavez day and went camping up at one of our favorite camp spots, Collins Lake.  It’s only about an hour and a half north of here and a great weekend get away spot for us.  Of course you can’t relax without knitting.


I’ve had the Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oates in my Queue for a while and I’d finished the cowl that I’m knitting for my bosses going away gift, so I figured why not.  I ordered up some MadelineTosh Vintage in Charcoal from Jimmy Beans Wool.  I’m making pretty good progress on it when I’m not being sidetracked by that crazy game, Candy Crush on my tablet.  Ugh.  Such a time suck.  Anyway, I just finished both sleeves and have moved on to the raglan decreases for the sleeves.


My regular everyday sweater is my Roheline by Srvi Simola published in Twist Collective (seen above two years ago with Boomy).  But after 2 years of almost daily wear, it’s looking a little worse for wear.  The yarn has pilled badly and it’s just looking ragged.  Gramps Cardigan will replace Roheline as Roheline transistions to my around the house sweater.  I might knit Roheline again since I get so many compliments on it even in it’s ragged state.


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