Truckee Shawlette…

Since Gramps Cardigan is done and Grace is blocking, it’s time to cast on for another project.  Hubbs and I are going to be going on vacation in a couple of weeks so it’s going to be Truckee Shawlette time.  Garter stitch shawlette with simple stripes is just the thing for keeping the hands busy but allowing my brain to be on vacation.


Picture from Jimmy Beans Wool

And by the way, how cute is her denim dress?!  I totally want one.  It would look great with boots and tights.  But I digress.


I chose Madeline Tosh Light in Rainwater (dark color) and Windowpane (light color).


In addition to Truckee Shawlette, I’m going to also take the yarn for Effervescence Cardigan.  I posted about it a couple of weeks ago.  I love this cardi so much that I ordered the yarn shortly after I posted about it the first time.  Can’t wait to work with the Quince & Co Chickadee that I ordered.



Gramps Cardigan…

Is done!






Pattern:  Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oates

Yarn:  MadelineTosh – Tosh Vintage in Charcoal (7 skeins

Needles: US 6 for ribbing, US 7 for body & US 8 for sleeves

Started:  March 29, 2013

Finished:  May 11, 2013

Notes:  Pattern easy to follow and clear.  I didn’t notice any errors.  Yarn is lovely and beautiful to knit with, like heaven as it runs through your fingers.  Blocks lovely.

Grace Cardigan…

Is blocking!  This was a very enjoyable knit and since all the hard stuff (lace) is at the top, it was perfect no braininer knitting during a stressfull time at work.  My office moved to it’s new location this week, about 3 blocks from the old location and I don’t handle change very well.  It’s stressful for me and I tend to get horriable headaches and nightmares.  Plus on top of the move, my best work buddy suddenly retired.  I’m bummed that she won’t be at work anymore but her husband has stage 4 cancer so I totally get why she would retire suddenly.  I’ll be keeping her in my thoughts every day and hoping for good things for her and her hubby.  The bad part is that her whole desk has been transfered to me and I’m trying to keep my head above water on it.  So it was a very stressful week.

But Grace is almost done.  I finished up the remaining button band and collar this morning so it’s blocking as we speak.


I’m also sewing buttons on Gramps Cardigan which I’m excited about.  Thankfully, despite the warm weather (summer is here in Northern California), my office is kept at 73 degrees and that’s too cold for me.  I’m tempted to adjust it up but since the thermostat is out in the open and next to the managers, I know I’d get busted.  I’ve worn Roehline almost every day this week but I’m looking forward to wearing Gramps.  It turned out so perfect.  The sleeves are a little tight but not so much that I won’t like them.

I tried on Grace before I soaked it and the fit is goinng to be great.  Sleeve length is always tricky for me since I have really long arms but the length is good and the shape is very flattering.  Since it’s a fingering weight yarn (Sweet Georgia Yarns, Tough Love Sock in the colorway Coastal) this is going to be a great summer weight sweater.  I love sundresses but with air conditioning I always carry a sweater with me, especially if we go to the movies.  I get cold when the air blows directly on me and no matter where we sit, it seems that the air always blows on me.  I guess some people like that.

After Grace dries, all I have left to do is weave in the ends and sew on the buttons!  Yay!