And I Cast On…


A new pair of socks. 

My parents were here for the weekend and I had two pairs of brand new hand knit socks that I hadnt really knit for any reason other then I wanted to knit them.  My sock drawer is full so these were just hanging out looking for a home.  I gave Eowyn socks to my stepmom (she’s totally knitworthy) and Hootenanny to my dad.  But I didn’t have a pair to give to my baby sister (not that she’s much of a baby anymore…17 I can’t beleive it).  So before they left this morning, I had her pick out some yarn to knit her a pair.  Of course she picks out Cephalopod Skinny Bugga in Sandworm, my favorite.  But she’s knitworthy too so it’s worth it to use my fancy yarn for her.  Merino & cashmere… and the color is beautiful.  Who wouldn’t like it?!

Hubbs and I ran out this morning and did our errands before everyone gets out of church and then it was back to the house.  I was watching the end of a movie and not doing anything when I realized that I could be knitting.  I’ve been wanting to cast on for a pair of socks despite my large number of  WIPS. So I cast on for Aliso Creek for my sister.  These socks are going to be georgous.  I can’t wait to get them done and sent off to her.


All you need is love…


I’m still here and still knitting.  Just working on getting healthy again.  I’ll be back soon with a few completed projects to share and a few vacation photos.