Cold Sheepin’ It


It’s not like I have a ton of stash but I have plenty of sock yarn from various companies both big and small, commercial and indy dyer.  I’ve never felt the  need to go cold sheep before.  As a general rule I only buy yarn for projects that I’m ready to start or will be starting in the very near future.  But this year I went a bit crazy on sock yarn.  I bought almost exclusively sock yarn at stitches and I went a bit crazy on Etsy with some gorgous indy dyers from my local area including Invitus Yarns and Lady Bug Fiber Company.   Plus my mom is friends with Brooke from Sincere Sheep so I have an order in with her for some yarn in addition to all the yarn I bought from her at Stitches West.

Going cold sheep sounds like a good thing but with all the amazingly beautiful yarn out there it’s been tougher then I imagined it would be.  I figured that it would be fairly simply but I’ve been tempted a million times since I decided to go C.S.  Right now I’m jonesing for some self striping yarn from Unwind Yarn Company.  If you’re not fimilar with Unwind Yarn Company and Dana, she’s one of the cohosts of the lovely and always entertaining podcast, Just One More Row.  Dana and Brittany are really fun and engaging and I always feel like I’m sitting with a couple of my girlfriends, enjoying a cup of coffee and working on our current projects. Great show and Dana’s yarn is so yummy.  Maybe when I’m done C.S.’ing I will be able to snag something lovely from her shop.

At this point, I’m planning to C.S. for the rest of the year or until I work my way through at least some of my stash.  Check out my stash on Ravelry (click here)  and let me be honest, this isn’t half of it.  I still have a lot that I haven’t added for various reasons..mostly laziness on my part.  Ugh, I just tried to convience Hubbs to give me yarn money…I hope I can make this last. 


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