Gnarled Oak Cardigan…












I picked up some buttons after work on Thursday (had to bribe Hubbs for an assist with some Chick-fil-a) and had them sewed on before bed.  Finally, Gnarled Oak Cardigan is done!  So happy.  It turned out so cute.  I modified the back of the sweater and added an oak leaf to the bottom back.  It just needed a little oomph back there, some interest.  A friend and knit wear designer said that if it bugs you, best to rip back and make the change before you finish it and it bugs you forever.  She was right, I ripped back, added the oak leaf and I love it.  It turned out really cute.

Pattern:  Gnarled Oak Cardigan  by Alan Dakos from Coastal Knits

Yarn:  Madeline Tosh – Tosh DK in Filigree

Needles:  US 4for everything but the yoke; US 3 for the yoke

Cast on:  07/01/2012 – 07/13/2013


  • 19 inch sleeve
  • Oak leaf embellishment on back of sweater

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