Project Bags…


I normally make all my own project bags and knitting bags in general.  Mostly because I enjoy sewing a nice bag and I like to have my own style and fabrics.  But when I saw this dachshund bag from Slipped Stitch Studio’s…how could I resist?!


I was a bit concerned when it arrived because it didn’t seem big enough to hold a whole skein of sock yarn.  But that’s just an illusion, it’s plenty big and had enough room to hold a completed sock in there too.


Best part…it has pockets inside.  I didn’t realize it until the bag arrived but pockets!!  They’re big enough to hold my notions and my cell phone with lots of run left over in the bag.


One of the other things I love is that it has a draw string so I don’t have to worry about my stuff falling out and ending up at the bottom of my purse.  And it has a wrist strap so you can knit on the go while standing if you want to.

This one is flannel but they had lots of other prints in non-flannel too.  I got the sock sized bag since I tend to use socks as my take a long project more than larger items but I seriously considered the large sweater sized bag too.  Might have to go back and order that one at a later date.  So far, Slipped Stitch Studios makes a great bag.  The craftsmen ship is lovely and it’s completely finished on the inside.  Love that.  It’s very professional and I can’t recommend it enough.


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