Our New Addition…



Hubbs and I are taking Maggie to training classes at our somewhat local SPCA.  I don’t speak dog and Maggie doesn’t speak human so we’re learning together to really talk to each other.  It’s a fun class and we’re both learning a lot.  But we didn’t expect to add any more dogs to our family.

Last Wednesday before our class started, Hubbs went back into the kennels to visit the dogs that are for adoption.  When he came out he had a weird look on his face, “There’s a dachshund back there.  You better go look.”  When you’re a crazy dachshund person like I am and your husband says go look, you do.  Poor Buster was in the back with another dog and he looked so sad.  I was in love in a heartbeat.  I called into work the next day and we adopted him.  I had to wait until Friday to pick him up because even though he’s over a year old, his previous owners never had him neutered.


So far Maggie and Buster are getting a long well.  I was a bit worried that Maggie might be jealous but she’s been the opposite.  She loves having a buddy that her size.  She’s constantly trying to get him to play.


Buster is a black and tan, smooth coat miniature dachshund.  He’s 1 year and 4 months old.  He was an outside dog before and was surrendered by his owners because they were moving and couldn’t take him.  I can’t imagine how that would feel for either Buster or his family.  So sad.


But he’s assimilating into our family nicely so far.  We have some training to do including house training since he has no house manners.  Once Maggie is done with her first round of training classes, we’ll get buster into his first round.

PS.  If your dog needs training and you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, check out your local SPCA.  Ours is fantastic and the trainers are wonderful.


5 thoughts on “Our New Addition…

  1. My family has a black and brown dachshund as well! She is so sweet and loving! I’m sure Buster will become a special part of your family!

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