Lookie, Lookie!


As I often do when Hubby is out of town, I like to try new things…restaurants, projects, hiking, etc.  But this time I did something that I haven’t done in a long time…sewing.  Surfing Pinterest I came across tutorial for a cute box bag.  The tutorial was from So Chick! Handbags (find it here).  So after much internal debate, do I use fabric I have or purchase new, I ran out to my local quilt store, County Sewing Center.  I picked up some really cute fabric for a couple of different projects.


The box bag turned out so cute.  I did alter the tabs on the sides to be a bit bigger since I have trouble grasping things with my thumb on right hand since it was injured in a motorcycle accident about 5 years ago.  I just need a bit more to hold on to since my grip isn’t what it once was.


The finished box is big enough to hold my current sock project along with plenty of room for the necessities like a measuring tape, scissors, a couple of hooks, stitch markers, etc.  I plan to make a few more of these for various people as gifts.  I’m sure that my mom would love one since she always has multiple projects going at once.


Weekend Fun in the High Sierras

IMG_0146Last weekend Hubbs and I and the dogs headed up by Silver Lake in the High Sierras to enjoy a little hiking and some fishing.  The weather was too nice to stay inside so we headed to the Lake Margaret Trailhead near Kirkwood Ski Resort.  It’s a couple of hours from the house.


This was the first time that we’d ever been up but the reviews on Trails.com were pretty good so we thought we’d give it a chance.  A lot of the trail was shady but there were some hot dry parts too.


There were a couple of water crossings, one was dry but the other was over fairly deep water that was moving at a good clip.  Neither Maggie or Buster hesitated to cross on the logs, they just hopped on and crossed.


The lake was beautiful but the fishing was horrible.  Hubbs didn’t even get a nibble here.  But we did have a nice lunch and chatted with an interesting mix of people.  Most people were very surprised to see too miniature dachshunds all the way out there and they all wanted to know if the dogs walked the whole way (they did).


This was busters first hiking experience and he did really well.  He was a big impatient when we stopped…I think he couldn’t wait to find out what was around the corner.



The lake was gorgeous and lots of people were swimming.  I wished I had thought to bring my suit.  It looked really refreshing after the 2.5 mile hike in.


Hubbs and the dogs did pose a bit for a couple of pictures but after a couple of hours hanging out we headed back.

IMG_0176On the way back Hubbs did some fishing.  I got him a new fishing pole for his birthday that broke down small for taking hiking.  He caught 3 or 4 small German Brown Trout in the stream on the way back.  I laid in the grass until I was needed to take pictures.  He didn’t catch anything legal to keep so they all went back.  Chances are that they’re native trout anyway so they all would have gone back even if they were keepers.


While Hubbs fished, the dogs and I laid in the grass and enjoyed the view.  I think Maggie was wondering if she could climb that mountain…


The scenery was unbeatable.


And the weather was warm enough that the dogs did a little wading.


Buster supervised the fishing

IMG_0236And both dogs tried to get into the action.


By the end of the day we were all dusty, tired and happy.  It was a great hike and now that fall is almost upon us, I’m looking forward to more of it.







They’ve been done for a while, just needed to weave in the ends but I got side tracked by another project that I needed to finish in a specific amount of time.  But I’m going into work late this morning because I have an interview right down the road from my house this morning.  I really hope it goes well because it will save me an hour and a half of commute time every day plus all that gas money.  Fingers crossed!

Pattern:  Stalagmite by Cookie A.

Yarn:  Sincere Sheep Tenacious in St. Barts colorway

Needles:  US 1.5

My Ravelry Page:  Underwater