Many, Many things…

I have many, many things to share with you but most I haven’t taken pictures of.  I’ve finished lots of bags and one pair of socks with a second well underway.  But mostly I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug again.  I’ve been spending my non-crafting time searching Pinterest for new ideas of things to sew and on Etsy looking at cute fabrics…not to mention at my local quilt shops and big box fabric stores.  I’m dying for some Halloween fabrics to make cute bags.  I mean who doesn’t need a knitting bag for every holiday/season?  A girl needs to stay current!

But since I haven’t photographed most of my completed objects, I’ll share with you my most current completed item, an adorable trash bag for my car.

Trash Bag 1Of course it’s dachshund fabric…I bought 2 yards of it when I found it at the fabric store.  It’s not high quality fabric but I knew I could make some cute things out of it.

Trash Bag 2It’s lined and has a piece of pellum in it to make it stand up so you can add a grocery bag that’s removable.

Trash Bag 3Considering my car has two dog car seats in the back & an I love dachshunds air freshener hanging from the review mirror, I thought this would be appropriate fabric for me.

Trash Bag 4The handle goes over the gear shifter to hold the bag and the bag hangs over on the passenger side of the vehicle.  The button I found in the stash of vintage buttons that I inherited from my grandmother.  It was still in the bag she purchased it in and based on the graphics on the bag, I think it’s been in there since the 60’s.

I made this in about an hour and a half from start to finish.  It was a fun sewing project.  I think this might be a contender for Christmas gifts for my coworkers.

Here’s the link for the tutorial…A Ditchin’ Time Trash Bag Tutorial.


6 thoughts on “Many, Many things…

  1. Aw, the dachshund fabric is too adorable for words! I mean, they have little boots! ❤ Sewing a trash bag for the car is such a good idea, too. (Well, I don't have a car, but I know people who do. Hmmmmm…. Christmas presents come to mind.)

  2. I love this, since we have a little blue-dapple longhair dachshund who is our ‘baby.’ Well . . . maybe four years old isn’t a baby, especially in dog-years. 😆 Thanks so much for sharing the link to how to make this.

    • Our Maggie is a chocolate and tan long haired dapple. Most people don’t have any idea what her breed is so we spend a lot of time educating people on dachshunds, not that we mind. It’s a fun conversation starter.

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