Show and Tell…

Last weekend was Lamb Town, a fiber festival, in Davis, CA. It’s about an hour from my house and it seems that every time I realize that it’s time for Lamb Town, it’s already passed and I missed it again.  But not this year!  This year I finally was able to go for a couple of hours.  It’s primarily a spinning event but there is a market place.  It’s a small event but the market place was fun because I got to meet some semi local dyers like Jo Dee Fish of Fishknits, Brooke Siennes of Sincere Sheep & the owner of Invictous Yarns (who’s name I have forgotten).

And now that the “tell” portion is over, let’s see the show!

DSC_0133Full Gradient in Pink & Gray from Fishknits.  I already have plans to knit this into Simple Shawl for Fancy Yarns by Jen Hintz.  I saw this one by Meelissa on Ravelry in the same yarn but a different color and was smitten!  So cute and perfect for wearing to the office.

DSC_0134Sincere Sheep is one of my favorite booths anywhere, anytime.  I love the colors and Cushy is my favorite base of any yarn company big or small.  At some point I will make a fingering weight cardi out of it.  It’s Merino, nylon and cashmere.  It’s so soft and squishy and knits up like a dream (I’m currently knitting my SKA October challenge out this yarn).  I picked up two skeins of Cushy and Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Bud from Brooke.  She’s so lovely and gracious.  I just want to hug her every time I see her!

DSC_0138Invictus Yarns, what can I say.  Her colors are amazing.  So vibrant and lovely.  I couldn’t pass up the orange and black for Halloween and as an added bonus it’s sparkly!  I can’t wait to knit this up.  The teal was so beautiful and just looking at it makes me think of Tahiti.

DSC_0143I picked up a skein of Miss Babs in Dragon Flight too.  I love Miss Babs.  I’ve knit up a cowl for myself earlier this year with it and it was a dream.  I just wore my Brighton Cowl for the first time the other day and got lots of compliments on it.

DSC_0145I also picked up a pair of puppy snips from Hiya Hiya.  These will be perfect for keeping in my travel bag.  I know airport security won’t take these from me!

DSC_0147And last but not least I picked up the Tri Fold Pattern holder as a Christmas Gift for my mom.  I mostly used my tablet for patterns anymore but my mom works from paper all the time.  We both have a magnetic holder for charts and such but this will hold her whole pattern including any charts.  I think she’ll really like this.  The fabric was so cheerful I couldn’t pass it up for her.

All and all, I had a lovely afternoon at Lamb Town and I’m sure I’ll go back next year.  Especially since I didn’t get a chance to see the animals this year.  But that’s ok, there is always next year!


4 thoughts on “Show and Tell…

    • If you’re into spinning at all, this is the to be. I was so tempted to purchase a drop spindle and some roving but I had no idea what to purchase so I held off. Plus between knitting and sewing, I’m not sure I’d have the time to spin anyway.

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