Show and Tell…again

My mom went to Italy and France for two weeks.  She just got back last weekend and she was sweet enough to bring back presents for everyone.  I have to share mine with you.  My mom has never had a real vacation in her whole life so when she did she went in style.  Her sweetie had business in Venice and she tagged along.  When he was done he took her around Venice and Lake Bellagio in grand style for a week before they jetted to Paris for another week.  Paint me jealous!

But my mom is the kind of person who always thinks about other people.  I told her not to worry about bringing me presents, just have a fantastic time and don’t worry about anything.  I think she had a great time based on the few pictures that I’ve seen.  Her sweetie emailed me a few while they were gone.

But back to the presents!  My mom…she’s so sweet to me!

DSC_0150From Paris she brought me the newest Stephen King book (I’m a fanatic, you should see my library…hard copies of almost all his books) from Shakespeare and Company.  Shakespeare and Company is a hugely famous.  I would die to go there.  When she gave it to me, she told me to look on the inside and I thought it was a signed copy but even better!  Shakespeare & Company.  I think I turned green with envy!

DSC_0151Only my mom would travel the world and come home with the cutes hand stamped note book with dachshunds on it.  It’s blank on the inside, perfect for notes and ideas.  How cute is this!

DSC_0152And because my mom is my mom, yarn from Italy.  Thankfully she’s a knitter too and appreciates how I am about things like this.  I can’t wait to knit this up!

Mom in ItalyBefore my mom left on her trip I wanted to make her a little something to help make her trip really special…at least as much as I could.  So I made her a project bag to take her plane knitting in.  I found some really cute Vespa fabric to make the bag and gave it to her when she dropped my sister off at my house for me to take her to Oregon.  So the picture above is of my mom in Florence with her knitting bag.  Have knitting will travel!  I hope she had a good time!


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